Squadron, the aviators' beer that keeps its flavor

Foods consumed at altitude (less oxygen, low air density), give the sensation of losing their taste. We have elaborated the Escadrille thanks to a biological process that fixes its aromas and allows it to keep its flavor in flight.

Our beer is handcrafted and brewed with the main four ingredients : barley, hops, water and yeast. They have been carefully selected from local and organic farms.

14/18: The first flying heroes

During the first world war, all the great pilots, proud of their flights and relieved to still be alive, would gather at the squadron’s bar. They used this opportunity to share a beer and spend a moment of fraternity and conviviality united by their courage. With “Squadron” I am offering you to live their sensations. The aviators’ beer comes in a “Squadron” of five beers, each of them different in flavour and degree. Each beer is a tribute to a pilot and through its QR code you can discover his story.

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