Do you know the Escadrille?

The Escadrille is nothing less than the first aeronautical beer in the world in the true sense of the word.

Aeronautics why? You know that with altitude we have the feeling that food loses its flavor, and we have succeeded with the Escadrille to counter this phenomenon through a biological process.

L'Escadrille is 100% ORGANIC, 100% French from the cereal to the capsule.
We are extremely proud to be able to say that our entire industry is echo-responsible, and favors short circuits to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our cereals are selected as the grape varieties for the wine, we select several Malt according to their soils, of their exposures to the sun, of their altitude of culture, and this, for each cereal, which enables us to obtain complex assemblies idem the noblest alcohols. Our aero beer does not undergo any addition of CO2 at the time of encapsulation and is stored before sale in order to re-gasify on the one hand, and on the other hand to benefit from an ageing process so that the aromas settle and the tastes reach their full potential.
There is one more important element that adds to the quality of this aero beer, and that is our water. We do not have water delivered by tanker nor do we use water from the area, but we work with water from the Montagne Noir, which offers a very special water, because it is 100% pure water and it comes to us from the depths of the earth, it has been filtered by the strata of the rock, which gives it a unique taste. We work hard to ensure that your experience is exceptional every time.

L'Escadrille has been awarded Gold and Silver at the Lyon International Competition two years in a row and we continue this commitment to quality.

The Escadrille, why? The first bars on military bases to have been created for the sole use of fighter pilots after their flight were named Bar de l'escadrille, because they were intended to host pilot squadrons.
We have therefore created the brand Escadrille for you to present our beer squadron.

Finally, each bottle of Escadrille tells you the story of one of these pilots, by sniffing the Qrcode on the label, you will have access to the story of the pilot affiliated to your beer.

We only sell to the aeronautical sector, commercial and business companies, schools, clubs, airports, aeronautical sales outlets, etc. For the first time, you won't taste a simple beer, but the quintessence of two worlds, the work of beer and the demands of aeronautics.

It is no longer a beer, but a product of aeronautical excellence!